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21 Kids Who Will Definitely Change The World Someday

Ladies and gentlemen, meet your future leaders of the free world.

1. The boy who chose not to lie in the face of overwhelming adversity:

2. The kid who carefully planned out his agenda for his or her first four years in office:

3. And then an agenda for their second term:

4. The kid who was not afraid to intimidate his or her enemies:

5. And the kid who chose to tell the truth, despite burning a few bridges:

6. The kid who chose to deliver not what the country wanted to hear, but what it NEEDED to hear:

7. The boy who realized that if you want progress, you're going to have to make some compromises:

8. The kid who has a somewhat warped, yet important admiration for our troops:

9. The kid that learned how to have his priorities straight, and not sweat the unimportant issues:

10. The girl who was able to connect the dots, thus solving our country's growing fat bunny problem:

11. The kid who was not afraid to let Bob do his dirty work when the situation called for it:

12. The boy who drew a hard line on our nation's serious shortage of fish tacos:

13. The kid who blew the whistle on his Mom's true love:

14. The kid who thought outside the box when it came to answering the tough questions:

15. The girl who wasn't afraid to run a downright dirty campaign to get elected:

16. The girl who, amidst threats on her life, defied those who wanted her out of power:

17. The kid who told the truth about juice, even when it hurt:

18. The girl who wasn't afraid to spell out the repercussions of a bad decision:

19. The kid who played hardball to get the job done:

20. The boy who realized who his friends in power are:

21. And, finally, this kid. Because, let's be honest, this is what politics mostly is nowadays anyway: