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21 Things Basically Every Millennial Grew Up With That Kids Today Apparently Have No Idea About

When did I get so old?


my 9 year old sister just asked me what this is... she was shocked when i told her this is how we used to watch movies


I asked my sister's daughter what this is and she said it's a microwave😂😂


tweet reading i really just asked my 12 year old brother what this was and he said printer with a picture of an overhead projector


told a group of teens that when I was their age we had to pay 10 cents per text message and now they think I’m a liar


tweet reading my 9 year old just asked me what this is with a pic of an ipod mini


Asked my four year old niece what this was and she said “soap”


tweet reading maybe its just the gen z in me but how did people burn cds and a reply that reads there are people alive that don't know how to burn cds. i'm so old


tweet reading in the i'm getting old department a kid saw this and said oh you 3d printed a save icon with a picture of a floppy disc


My 10 y/o brother found this and asked me what this I've never felt this old before


tweet reading i asked my 6 year old if he knew what this is he said it's a tape player and asked how do you turn it on. it's a picture of a casette


My daughter just asked why we say "hang up" the phone and now I feel 90.


I asked my 7yr old cousin if she knew what this was and she said “I don’t know” 😂🙃


Watching cable with my eldest son and a commercial comes on. He asked to skip it and I said you can’t skip tv ads. I then told him you have to pay to watch these too and he looked at me like I’m crazy


tweet reading on this day 15 years ago my moms picked up the phone and interrupted a file at 96 percent on napster with a reply that reads can someone explain this tweet to me why it take so long and dafuq is napster


I asked my 14 year old twin daughters if they knew what this was. They had no clue! LOL!


tweet reading twitter needs an update where you can play music on your page when people come to it with a reply that reads we have finally reached a generation that doesn't know what myspace is


tweet reading my little cousin thought that bottom 20 was fake with a picture of two different 20 dollar bills


The 8-year-old I nanny asked me what this was and I’m feeling decrepit.


tweet reading today one of the kids i babysit for asked me what this lever is for with a picture of a manual window


I gave my old iPod to my son: “Daddy, I don’t like it because it doesn’t work” 🤷🏻‍♂️



yahoo answers question that reads i found a nineties phone with a hashtag button on it i thought twitter invented hashtags