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    18 Pictures That Prove This Generation Is Absolutely Doomed

    Kids these days!

    1. Wow, can't this generation get off their phones for ONE minute?

    2. I mean, come ON.

    3. Kids these days.

    4. They just never get off their damn phones.

    5. Relationships these days! It's all about texting this, phones that!

    6. These kids and their damn phones!

    7. Maybe look up from your phone, little fella?

    8. Come on, kid! Don't text and drive!

    9. SMH.

    10. Honestly sad to see kids so addicted.

    11. Hey, you two in the back! There's a show going on!

    12. This whole generation, just addicted to their phones.

    13. Can't this generation just enjoy the world around them?

    14. Or watch the road like adults?

    15. What happened to taking IN a sporting event rather than texting the whole time!

    16. Why can't kids these days enjoy each other's company anymore?

    17. I swear, this generation and their phones.

    18. It's just sad to see.