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    18 Things You Don't Realize As A Kid That Make Perfect Sense As An Adult

    Just need to rest my head.

    1. The importance of defrosting:

    2. The pure, unadulterated joy of socks:

    3. How good lying down is:

    4. Why adults are always making those noises:

    5. How good it is to just get some alone time:

    6. Why Squidward is the way he is:

    7. Why there was always "food at home":

    8. Why people watch THOSE shows:

    9. Why bedtimes are a real and important thing:

    10. Why your parents would ever not want to go to a theme park for vacation:

    11. Why your parents never had any money for you:

    12. Why anyone would lose their mind over a new dishwasher:

    13. Why a drink after a stressful day feels so good:

    14. Why anyone would ever take a nap:

    15. How dirty dishes make you feel:

    16. Why your mom didn't want your friends to sleep over every single weekend:

    17. Why your dad would IMMEDIATELY fall asleep:

    18. And what getting older is like: