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26 Hall Passes That Will Make You Laugh Way Harder Than You Should

Can you go to the bathroom? I don't know, CAN YOU?! Take the plantain.

1. A giant pencil:

2. A globe:

3. A car seat:

4. A leg:

5. A 6-foot-tall pole:

6. "The plaintain":

7. Literally just a rock from the earth:

8. A life-sized black-and-white cutout of Britney Spears:

9. Fine art:

10. Extremely flammable liquid:

11. A particularly large squash:

12. A medium-sized pumpkin:

13. A sign that lets everyone know what's up:

14. A baby:

15. An iconic rat on a leash:

16. Literally just, like, a shelf:

17. A giant jug of water:

18. A meme:

19. A mop:

20. A giant clock:

21. A trash can labeled "NOT TRASH":

22. A weapon:

23. Your teacher's face, but giant and yelling "HURRY":

24. A sign about how much time you're wasting:

25. Literally a screwdriver with nothing written on it:

26. And, finally, a sign that just says "Poop."