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    24 Faces Every Single Person That's Been Drunk Will Recognize

    "Just one drink."

    1. The "Just Walked Past a Mirror While Drunk" Face:

    When you're drunk af and pass a mirror at a party

    2. The "First Shot of the Night" Face:

    3. The "Not Drunk At All" Face:

    4. The "One-Eyed Drunk-Texting" Face:

    5. The "So Drunk But Someone Just Mentioned Food" Face:

    When you're passed out drunk and someone says "let's go get food"

    6. The "They Just Put On My Jam" Face:

    7. The "Drunk and Just Rolled the Window Down" Face:

    Riding with the windows down when you're drunk af

    8. The "Drunk But Trying to Pay Attention" Face:

    This the face you make when you're drunk and your friend is talking to you, and you really tryna pay attention

    9. The "I'm Drunk So Everything Is Funny" Face:

    10. The "Someone Just Asked If I'm Drunk" Face:

    When you drunk af and someone asks "are you drunk?"

    11. The "Coming Home Drunk at the End of the Night" Face:

    12. The "Sitting in the Backseat and Someone Asks for Directions" Face:

    when you're drunk in the back of a cab and the driver asks you for directions

    13. The "Too Drunk to Hold a Conversation But Trying" Face:

    The face u make when someone trying to hold a deep conversation with u when ur drunk as hell

    14. The "I Know We Just Met But I Love You, Man" Face:

    Meeting somebody at a party and leaving like

    15. The "It Is My Main Mission in Life to Get You to Take a Shot" Face:

    When your friend doesn't want to drink but you make them.. 😝😝

    16. The "Didn't Realize I Was Drunk 'Til I Stood Up" Face:

    When you don't think you're drunk then you stand up

    17. The "Looking at Pictures From the Night While Still Drunk in Bed" Face:

    when you rewatch your snapchat story after a night out when you're still drunk

    18. The "What Texts Did I Send Last Night?" Face:

    Looking at your drunk texts and calls from the weekend like

    19. The "Drunk And Trying To Play It Cool" Face:

    When you’re drunk af in the kitchen and your mom walks in

    20. The "Trying to Sleep While Drunk" Face:

    How it feels when you're drunk af and you're trying to get to sleep

    21. The "Woke Up and Desperately Needed Water" Face:

    22. The "Someone Just Told Me What I Did While Drunk" Face:

    when I hear about what I did while drunk

    23. The "I've Literally Never Been More Hungover in My Life What in My Life Has Led Me to Make These Decisions" Face:

    When your hangover wakes you up and you lie there for hours needing a piss and a glass of water

    24. The "Morning After" Face:

    when you look in a mirror the morning after a party

    And the "Only One Drink" Face: