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    Sep 13, 2016

    24 Pictures That Are Way Worse Than Arguing About Politics On Facebook

    It's all too much.

    1. Ted Sheeran:

    2. Eating spaghetti while driving:

    3. This tattoo:

    4. Bigfoot's fat ass:

    5. Leaving this much liquid left like it's a reasonable amount a human can consume:

    6. Nick Cage's spawn with a Lego man:

    7. When your ice cream is way too cold and bends your spoon:

    8. Mickey Mouse plunging into your butthole:

    9. Coming down with Arthur Write This:


    10. Having sex with a tree:

    11. Having triplets:


    12. Aladdin without pants:

    13. Being lack toast and tall or rent:

    14. Eating cereal with ice cubes:

    15. This movie review:

    16. The words "vaginal aroma":

    17. This acronym:

    18. Dropping your LASAGA:

    19. Thinking Obama's last name is "Care":


    20. Vape selfies:

    21. Bone apple tea:

    22. Ben Franklin in tattoo form:

    23. This contingency plan:


    24. And eating wild corndogs:

    Oh, wait. Nothing is worse than arguing about politics on Facebook. NOTHING.

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