28 Problems You Have Now But Didn’t Have 10 Years Ago

Life is tough.

1. Getting stuck like this:

2. Feeling the anxiety of someone taking your phone to look at a picture on your camera roll:

Comedy Central

…and then having them start scrolling:

New Line Cinema

3. Ten years ago you never had to clutch your lifeline like this:

4. And you never had a full body cringe while looking through old comments on Facebook:

5. You didn’t feel this pain:

6. Or have an unexpected video chat:

7. You didn’t ride this roller coaster of emotions:

8. Or have autocorrects at the worst possible time:

9. You never had to go through this tortuous ritual:

10. And you never had to experience the blinding light from your phone when checking it in the dark:

11. You never played this dangerous game:

Yes, I realize that’s my tweet. IDGAF. Gimme those sweet, precious, succulent favs.

And you never accidentally liked a photo from five years ago:



13. And you definitely didn’t have your computer freeze while looking at something weird while someone was about to come into the room:

14. You didn’t get this dreaded response:

15. And you didn’t experience the slow, slow hell of being locked out of your Netflix because there are too many people on it:

16. You didn’t lose your best friend:

17. Or have to give up a piece of your soul to read a website:

18. You didn’t have an invisible bedtime:

19. Or have to hide your entire life from your family:

20. You were never interrupted during important, important moments:

21. And you never felt the pain of radio silence:

22. You didn’t go through a backward shower routine:

23. Or have to deal with any of this:

24. You never experienced this bait and switch:

25. And you never had to tell your FLASHLIGHT where you are:

Like, calm down flashlight! I’LL BE HOME SOON.

26. You never felt this anxiety:

27. Or had to sort through one artist and 500 categories:

28. And, of course, you didn’t have to experience the destruction of human civilization as we know it.

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