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Here's Why The McFlurry Spoon Looks The Way It Does


It's a question as old as time:

why the mcflurry spoon look like that

Why? Why is the spoon shaped like a big ol' rectangle?

Does anyone know what the weird spoon is for on a McDonald's McFlurry? What is the hook for? Why is it hollow?

Why the square hole?

Can anyone clever tell me why there is a square hole at the top of the McFlurry spoon??

Is it a straw?

What does it all mean?

Why do mcdonald use the plastic clear square spoon when i get mcflurry?


Tumblr user The Waiting Platypus, a McDonald's employee, says, "we fill the cup with ice cream, we dump the oreos on top, we stick the spoon in, we put the entire thing in a machine and use the spoon to stir your McFlurry."


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The spoon is for MIXING:

Watch the entire process here and rest easy. You now know the truth.

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