I'm Seriously Struggling To Stop Laughing At These 18 Internet Geniuses Who Totally, Completely, 100% Nailed Their Responses Last Week

    These people have such a wonderful way with words.

    1. On the Queen:

    German waxwork of Queen Elizabeth II is bald under hat to avoid extra upkeep work

    2. On romantic moments:

    3. On names:

    Photo of adorable tiny puppy with the text "The last thing you hate is what you have to name him," with responses Doritos, Tooth Fragment by Mistake, and Emergency Cheese

    4. On robots:

    "Anonymous" asks "What are your thoughts on sex with robots?" And when person says "I turned this computer on like 5 minutes ago, can I have a brief moment of peace before I have to read these things," response is "You turned the computer on"

    5. On children:

    Person says they're not a parent because as they tucked their nephew into bed, he stared past them and said the wall people don't like them, and they're told to spend less time making excuses and become the kind of person the wall people would like

    6. On the golden rule:

    Person can't believe they got a fortune cookie that says "KMS means Keep Mouth Shut, the golden rule" and they describe it as "Oh yay, I love fortune cookies, can't wait to see what my fortune is" and "This cookie: Shut the fuck up"

    7. On fools:

    Person posts "Come here, Fool" and "The Fool jingled miserably across the floor" as the funniest sentence they've seen all day, and someone says "Me getting my name called at Starbucks"

    8. On art:

    Person asks why do they charge money for their art, and they respond, "Big fan of eating"

    9. On fingers:

    "Dom who sticks their fingers down your throat, asks you a question, and laughs when you try to answer," with response" Yes, yes, the dentist; we've all been there"

    10. On data:

    "Is it pronounced as data or data?" "Honestly it changes for me data day"

    11. On phone cases:

    Person holding an iPhone with cracks with text "Took this otter box off for the first time just to see this," and person responds "You otter put it back"

    12. On Germans:

    "Why did English keep the German 'stark' as an intensifier but only for 'naked' and 'raving mad'?" "Two most German modes of being"

    13. On aliens:

    "We should start doing ancient aliens conspiracies but for buildings that aren't even that old or impressive" and "No humans could make an apartment this complex"

    14. On meringues:

    Someone was watching Australian Master Chef and some guy made a meringue and everybody cheered, and they thought "That's odd, normally in Australia they boo meringue" and comment is "Groan, have your upvote you maniac"

    15. On delivery:

    Photo of a rat nibbling at a takeout order outside a door on a stoop, with the comment "This is why you don't tell your delivery person to leave your food at the front door in Boston," and someone says "How you know it's not their order?"

    16. On hauls:

    A truck carrying two enormous tires on the highway, with comment "Truck driver's probably been on the road for 12-18 hours hauling those; I guess you could say they're really tired" and person comments "Goddamnit"

    17. On delicious food:

    "What food aren't you eating even if it was free?" "A poison sandwich"

    18. And on bears:

    Person says bears are how humans should be because they can get on their back legs and walk on all fours so they don't get cocky and forget where they came from, kill with a single swipe of the paw, and "sleep long time" (which someone repeats)