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    19 Times People On The Internet Totally, Completely, 100% Nailed The Response Last Week

    These people sure do know their way around a keyboard.

    1. On the tough questions:

    someone asks would you rather 1000 roaches or a person be in your attack and someone responds this is the first time i've had to devote lots of time to a would you rather

    2. On war:

    person who says their grandpa didn't fight in two wars for this and someone says your grandpa is too young and they say he didn't fight as i said

    3. On ratings:

    someone says pedro pascal has never starred in a show rated under 89 percent on rotten tomatoes and someone replies neither have i

    4. On making money:

    someone asks what you would do if you got 100$ every time you ask a question and get rejected and someone says they would ask for $100

    5. On creative writing:

    image asking to say your state in only two words and someone says north carolina

    6. On spelling:

    a person gets their spelling corrected and reveals they are canadian

    7. On steak:

    someone shows a picture of the rarest steak in the world and someone replies if it was the rarest steak it would be totally raw

    8. On heat:

    someone asks what the hottest thing they've seen is and someone replies the sun

    9. On piercings:

    person asks where the best place to get nose piercings is and someone replies it is the nose

    10. On lobsters:

    a person asks for fun facts and someone says antidepressants work on lobsters

    11. On gaslighting:

    a person asks what gaslighting is and gets gaslighted

    12. On outfits:

    someone asks what the male version of wearing the same clothing to a party is and someone responds it is wearing the same clothing

    13. On height:

    someone says asks if they should date tall people and says they are 5'2" to which someone responds every you date is tall

    14. On red flags:

    someone asks what a red flag is and someone responds semaphore

    15. On laundry:

    a user named steakfarts asks how often they should wash their sheets and someone says well your name is steak farts

    16. On danger:

    person who says potato leaves can kill you and someone responds but what if the potato stays

    17. On pronunciation:

    3 people say how scone is pronounced

    18. On internet arguing:

    someone says something annoying and someone replies i read your comment in goofy's voice

    19. And on fighting a bear:

    someone says they would win a fight against a bear simply because the rules of boxing disallow biting