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    My Mind Is Completely Blown After Seeing These 21 Absolutely Fascinating Pictures For The First Time

    Consider me stupefied.

    1. Joe Biden was born closer to the Civil War than today:

    Joe Biden smiling

    2. Speaking of which, America hasn't really been around for very long at all:

    comment that America has existed for three adult lifetimes

    3. Neptune looks like it can grant you mystical powers should you ever visit it:

    Photo via NASA/ESA/CSA/STS.

    4. This is what one of the world's oldest pair of Levi jeans looks like:

    a torn, slightly faded, and dirty pair of jeans

    5. Tokyo is HUGE:

    6. Helmets, my boy, helmets do a whoooole lot:

    7. The longest road in the world sure looks exhausting:

    To be more specific, as redditor TheRIAA put it, this is "the shortest road in the world between the two furthest-apart land/pedestrian-walkable-bridge connected locations."

    8. There's a whole lot of garbage in your local dump you don't see:

    9. Picasso just might have listened to the song "Sweet Caroline" when he was alive:

    10. Wooly mammoth tusks — well, they were really, really big:

    a man excavating a woolly mammoth tusk

    11. North Korean bills get bigger and bigger as they get more valuable:

    12. Queen Elizabeth had to endure the world before one of its greatest inventions:

    comment that Queen Elizabeth II is older than the invention of chocolate chip cookies

    13. Sometimes you can actually see yourself being shocked or shocking someone:

    14. This is what an ancient Roman road looked like:

    15. Jelly Belly sells its "irregular" jelly beans as "Belly Flops":

    They're still beautiful to me.

    16. Pink lima beans are a thing that exists:

    17. This is Daisuke Inoue, the inventor of one of the world's first karaoke machines:

    Inoue using a karaoke machine

    18. This is how koalas get weighed:

    a koala clinging to a branch and both being weighed on a scale

    19. Some libraries let you rent things other than books and movies:

    20. The Sun isn't even old enough to drink:

    calculation that the Sun is only 20 years old

    21. And, finally, grumpkins exist: