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    Literally Each And Every One Of These Pictures Completely And Totally Blew My Mind Last Week

    "Boom" —your mind and mine

    1. This is Ralph Lincoln, the 11th generation cousin of Abraham Lincoln:

    Closeup of Ralph Lincoln

    2. This is the Speyer wine bottle, the oldest known bottle of wine on Earth:

    Speyer wine bottle

    3. This pointy thing is what a nuclear bomb actually looks like:

    Soldiers around a nuclear bomb

    4. The geographic center of the United States is here in South Dakota:

    Belle Fourche, to be exact.

    5. Bees in a specific part of North Carolina produce purple honey:

    It's apparently due to elderberries.

    6. This is what Queen Elizabeth II looked like when she was 18:

    Young Queen Elizabeth II

    7. This isn't photoshop — it's Vantablack, one of the darkest substances on Earth:

    The only black hole you can actually get close to and survive ⚫️! #vantablack

    Twitter: @SurreyNanoSys

    8. This is what an empty Boeing 787 looks like:

    An empty Boeing 787

    9. The meal on ANA Airlines is nicer than anything I have ever eaten:

    10. Recognize these big ol' rocks? This is Mount Rushmore before the Presidential heads were carved into it:

    Closeup of Mt. Rushmore

    11. This is what the surface of an ASTEROID looks like:

    This image was taken just before Rover-1B hopped. Photograph snapped on September 23, 2018 at about 09:46 JST [2/6]

    Twitter: @haya2e_jaxa

    It's from a Japanese spacecraft called Hayabusa2.

    12. It's possible to be born without finger printers. This is what that looks like:

    13. Those little corn holders are just loose nails:

    14. This is what a ticket to the 2000 Olympics looks like:

    15. Back in the 1970s, Big Macs looked like this:

    What a beautiful fossil.

    16. This is what the difference between a homegrown and a store-bought zucchini is:

    17. After Queen Elizabeth's death, all new mailboxes in the UK will have CR on them instead of VR:

    VR stands for Victoria Regina and CR, aka Charles Rex.

    18. American gummy worms and Australian gummy worms are super different:

    19. And, finally, sometimes miracles happen: