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My Dumb Little Brain Is Completely Blown After Seeing These 20 Absolutely Fascinating Pictures For The First Time

I have no idea how I went my whole life without knowing this stuff.

1. The Sphinx...has a tail!!!

The Sphinx

2. This is how big Ukraine is compared to the United States:

Ukraine compared to the US

3. This is what a peeled lime looks like:

4. Hammerhead sharks look absolutely terrifying in x-ray form:

X-ray of a hammerhead shark

5. Speaking of terrifying, this is what an x-ray of a pregnant dog looks like:

X-ray of a pregnant dog

6. This right here is a vaquita, one of the most endangered animals in the world:

A vaquita in the ocean

7. The presidents on Mount Rushmore were originally planned to look like this:

Mock-up of Mount Rushmore

8. This is what a polar bear's paw-print looks like compared to a human hand:

A polar bear paw print next to a hand print

9. This man, Paul Karason, had his skin turn permanently blue after spending years ingesting colloidal silver:

Closeup of Paul Karason

10. This is what the US-Canada border looks like in Idaho:

11. And this is what it looks like in Washington state:

12. Eels...well, eels are absolutely frightening:

13. The barcode was apparently invented in North Carolina:

14. This is how big a blue whale's heart is compared to a human-being:

A blue whale heart

15. Bottles of soda looks adorable before they get blown up:

16. Fire extinguishers don't always have to be round:

17. Babies can be born with extra "fingers" that are easily removed post-birth:

18. It's possible to build buildings from top to bottom:

This is done by a company called LIFTBuild, and it's apparently can be cheaper than the traditional method.

19. There are trains in the Czech Republic that let you crack open a cold one:

20. And finally, peeled pumpkin looks straight out of a PS1 game:

Bubsy-ass lookin' pumpkin, right there.