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18 Absolutely Incredible, Jaw-Dropping Pictures That Left Me And My Tiny Little Brain Speechless This Past Week

Go ahead and take a look — you won't be disappointed.

1. This, my friends, is what a hairless bear looks like:

The hairless bear has wrinkly skin and a very small skull

2. The Titanic had a full gym on board, complete with a rowing machine. This is what it looked like:

Black-and-white photo of a man in a rowing machine in a large room with a map of the world on the wall

3. This is one of the last pictures ever taken of Queen Elizabeth II, taken only two days before her death in September 2022:

The Queen standing and smiling in front of a fireplace with a cane

4. This picture, taken in 1838 by Louis Daguerre, is the first-ever photo to have a person in it:

A street scene with at least one people visible, as seen from a higher vantage point

5. And this is the first picture of Earth from the moon, taken in 1966 by Lunar Orbiter 1:

Grainy image of part of the earth

6. And, while we're at it, this picture of a human hand captured in 1895 is the oldest surviving X-ray of the human body:

Blurry X-ray of a skeletal hand

7. Okay, one more. This is the first aerial photo ever taken, captured by James Wallace Black from a hot-air balloon high above Boston:

Overhead shot of many low-rise buildings

8. Arnold Schwarzenegger looks like a pip-squeak standing next to Wilt Chamberlain and André the Giant:

Arnold doesn't reach their shoulders

9. When the Amazon River meets the Río Negro in Brazil, a phenomenon known as the 'meeting of the waters' occurs wherein the two rivers don't initially mix:

One river is dark, the other looks sand-colored

10. This is the foldout bed George Washington slept on during the Revolutionary War:

A thin, stained mattress the size of a twin-size bed and a pillow coming out of a trunk

11. This is how gigantic the femur of a sauropod dinosaur is:

The bone looks twice as long as the man sitting next to it

12. Some ceiling fans have solved humanity's biggest problem and put little figures that let you know which cord turns the light on and which cord turns the fan on:

One cord has a bulb at the end, and one a small fan

13. This is what a $20 bill from 1929 looks like:

The "20" is smaller, Andrew Jackson's portrait is in a circular frame, and "Twenty dollars" and "The United States of America" are in the center, among other differences

14. In the 1930s, one way to demonstrate how much a car could carry was to just make a bunch of dudes stand on top of it:

A man at the wheel as what looks like dozens of men stand on a wooden board on the roof

15. This is the Siberian unicorn, an absolute behemoth of a creature that went extinct 39,000 years ago:

It has a huge horn

16. Speaking of Siberia, in 1977 an exceptionally well-preserved baby woolly mammoth calf was discovered there. The baby mammoth was named Dima:

Looks like a baby elephant

17. There's a bathroom at the Le Creuset headquarters that has, well, Le Creuset Dutch ovens as sinks:

Dutch ovens as bathroom sinks

18. And finally, this is what a Sour Patch Kid with no sugar looks like:

Close-up of a "matte" Sour Patch Kids candy