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My Literal Pea-Sized Brain Is Completely Blown After Seeing These 20 Absolutely Incredible Pictures For The Very First Time This Week

These pictures are just so incredible.

1. This is Eugene Cernan, who is, as of 2023, the last man to ever walk on the moon:

Man in a spacesuit with a globe in front of him

You might recognize Eugene from this iconic picture of his moon walk:

Man in a spacesuit standing on the moon with a US flag behind him

2. This is a picture of one of the last Tasmanian tigers, an animal that went extinct in 1936:

A medium-size animal with stripes on its hind parts

3. This is what a real executioner's mask looked like:

A primitive-looking mask with a cloth neck

4. This is Albert Woolson, the last surviving Civil War veteran:

5. This is what a real-deal, true-to-life muffin man looked like in 1930s London:

A man walking on the street with a large tray with pastries on it

6. One dollar in 1913 is worth $30.22 today:

Inflation calculator

7. This is what a tiger's tongue looks like:

8. This is the Willamette meteorite, the largest meteorite that's ever been found in the United States:

Children climbing on a meteor on display

9. And this is what a small chunk of a random meteorite looks like:

A person holding a chunk of rock/metal

10. L-shaped pool tables exist:

An L-shaped pool table

11. This is what the FBI's fingerprint files looked like in 1942:

People and many stacks of small drawers in a large, cavernous room

12. The world's oldest diving suit is absolutely terrifying:

A statue in what looks like a misshapen skin suit with three glass circles for the face

13. This is what the throne of King Charlemagne looked like:

Five stone steps leading up to a small chair/throne

14. On Sept. 3, 1967, Sweden made a shift from driving on the left side of the road to driving on the right. This is a picture from the first day after the big change:

A chaotic-looking street scene with cars and people all over the street

15. McDonald's restaurants in Italy sell mini calzones:

Calzones in a McDonald's box

16. Some libraries let you know exactly how much you're saving by using them:

Receipt showing "you saved $26 by using your library"

17. This is a model of what ancient Egyptian dental work may have looked like:

A row of bottom teeth with copper-looking wires on them

18. This is the Pamir, one of the last commercial sailing ships in the world:

A large ship with masts in the water

19. The names for Worcestershire sauce and soy sauce in some countries are "salsa inglesa" and "salsa China," literally "English sauce" and "Chinese sauce":

Bottles of salsa inglesa Worcestershire sauce and salsa China soy sauce on shelves

20. And, finally, this is the "Feejee mermaid," a creature that was supposedly caught in the ocean near, well, Fiji. It was most famously displayed by P.T. Barnum in his circus sideshow:

A skeleton with a long leg, no tail, and apelike skull