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I'm An Incredibly Dumb Man So My Brain Was Completely Blown After Seeing These 22 Absolutely Incredible Pictures For The Very First Time Last Week

Take a look at these pictures and see the world in a whole new light.

1. This is what the eye of a hurricane looks like from above:

2. This is how big a human is compared to a wind turbine:

3. And this is how big a tornado is compared to a wind turbine:

4. For its 50th anniversary, over 300,000 people walked across the Golden Gate Bridge:

5. Here's another angle of the very packed celebration:

6. There are four miles of tunnels 72 feet underneath Tokyo designed to prevent the city from flooding. The whole system is absolutely huge:

7. The Eiffel Tower receives a fresh coat of paint every seven years — here's a worker putting some fresh paint on the tower in 1924:

8. And here's another man painting the tower in a very, very safe manner:

9. One dollar bills did not have "In God We Trust" on them until 1957:

10. This is what the remains of a World War I trench looks like today:

11. This is what a neanderthal looks like with contemporary clothing and hair:

12. This is how big a DOUBLE king sized bed is:

13. White bell peppers exist:

14. This is the dish rag that Robert E. Lee used to surrender the Confederate army to the Union during the Civil War:

15. This is what the inside of a cremation chamber looks like inside a crematorium:

16. Deers shed their antlers every year. This is what an antler-less deer looks like:

17. This monstrosity is the Russian Tsar Tank, designed for combat in World War I:

18. This is what a desert oasis looks like:

19. This is what the inside of the ancient Egyptian Djedhoriwefankh's intricately painted coffin looks like:

20. This is what Stephen Hawking's grave looks like:

21. This right here is the smallest window in the world, located in Toledo, Spain:

22. And, finally, it's possible to stack six pinecones on top of each other: