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    Literally Every Single One Of These 23 Things I Just Found Out Completely And Totally Blew My Mind Last Week

    My mind is whirring.

    1. If you take all the cookie dough from your cookie dough ice cream and bake it, it'll look a lot like this:

    2. This is what a dollar bill from 100 years ago looks like:

    3. One of the largest words in the English language is, well, this:

    4. Maple leafs can be very, very, very, very, very tiny:

    5. This is what a legal bottle of cocaine looked like:

    6. When chickens don't get enough calcium, their eggs turn wrinkly:

    7. This is what a counterfeit 50 dollar bill looks like compared to a real one:

    8. In 1950, you could go to the hospital for $7.50:

    Always blows my mind.

    9. This is what a pack of century-old crayons look like:

    10. Human touch can really be a doozy:

    11. This is what is inside a cheap baseball:

    A whole lotta mush!

    12. They made giant, giant rings for the Lord of the Rings movies:

    13. Sand doesn't stick to scars or burns:

    Because there aren't any sweat glands.

    14. Pineapples can be l'il tiny things:

    15. Some countries have stoplights with timers:

    16. This is what the inside of a Magic 8 Ball looks like:

    Such power.

    17. The Igloo cooler factory has a security hut shaped like an Igloo cooler:


    18. The original Pledge of Allegiance didn't include "under God":

    19. This is the going price for a Big Mac in Sweden:

    20. Zimbabwe used to have 20 trillion dollar bills:

    This is what inflation looks like when it gets really, really, really, really bad.

    21. If left in water long enough, a leaf will turn completely translucent:

    22. You can find conjoined apples out in the wild:


    23. And five leaf clovers exist to give you EXTREME LUCK: