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    My Tiny Little Peanut Brain Is Completely Blown After Seeing These 23 Incredibly Interesting Pictures For The Very First Time This Week

    There's so much more than what meets the eye. So, so much more.

    1. This, from 1896, is what one of Pablo Picasso's first-ever self-portraits looks like:

    Pablo Picasso self-portrait, with facial features

    2. And this, from 1972, is what one of Picasso's last self-portraits looks like:

    Pablo Picasso self-portrait cubist-style line drawing, with no lifelike facial features

    3. This is what the "American Candy" section looks like in a UK store:

    Candy section featuring Gobstoppers, Nerds, Mike and Ikes, Milk Duds, and Sweet Tarts

    4. Australia is really, really big:

    Outline of Australia superimposed over Europe on a map

    5. This is what one of the prototype space suits developed for the Apollo program looked like:

    A very boxy space suit that looks as if it's been inflated

    6. This is how big a wolf's paw print is compared with a human hand:

    Human hand whose fingers extend above the paw print of similar width next to it

    7. This photo is one of only two photos in existence of the US Supreme Court in session:

    The ccourt in session

    8. Curved escalators exist:

    A curved escalator

    9. You're probably familiar with the "Face on Mars," an image of a formation on Mars from the 1970s that launched a million conspiracy theories...

    An apparent face on the surface of Mars

    10. ...well, this is what a much less blurry, much more recent photograph of that same "face" looks like:

    A craggly, raised surface that looks nothing like a face

    11. This isn't a circle — it's a 1 million–sided polygon called a megagon:

    Megagon that looks like a huge circle

    12. This is what Michelangelo's statue "David" looks like from behind:

    The rear view of David, with bare back and buttocks

    13. This is what the Rosetta stone looks like from the front...

    The stone's inscription of hieroglyphics and other characters

    14. ...and this is what the back of the Rosetta stone looks like:

    The huge stone's uneven, broken surface, behind glass, with people standing next to it

    15. This is Herman the Cat, a cat who was given the title of expert mouser aboard a US Coast Guard ship during World War II:

    An ID card, issued 1/12/43, for Herman the Cat, born in Baltimore, with a photo of the cat — described as 8 months old, 15 inches high, weighing 11 pounds, with green eyes and gray hair — and a paw print

    16. American Froot Loops and Canadian Froot Loops are totally different colors:

    Canadian Froot Loops alongside American Froot Loops; Canadian variety is duller in color

    17. This is what skin punctured by a needle looks like:

    Pinkish, flaky surface with a large, raised hole in the middle

    18. This right here is a photo from Abraham Lincoln's first inauguration in 1861:

    A large crowd outside the US Capitol

    19. Highway signs are way bigger than your tiny little brain thought they were:

    Highway signs traveling down a highway on a truck

    20. This is what a stack of $1,000 worth of uncirculated $1 bills looks like next to a stack of $1,000 worth of used $1 bills:

    The stack of used bills is much higher than the uncirculated stack

    21. In 1939, Mahatma Gandhi wrote a letter to Adolf Hitler pleading with him not to go to war:

    In a 7/23/39 letter signed "Your sincere friend," Gandhi asks "Herr Hitler," "the one person in the world who can prevent a war," "Will you listen to the appeal of one who has [d]eliberately shunned the method of war not without considerable success?"

    22. This right here is a giant earthworm that was found in Queensland, Australia:

    Big old worm hanging from a large, rectangular digging tool

    23. And, finally, garlic cloves can be really, really big:

    Two giant cloves of garlic each about the size of a palm of a hand