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My Literal Pea-Sized Brain Is Completely Blown After Seeing These 22 Incredibly Fascinating Pictures For The Very First Time This Week

Honestly, every single one of these pictures is just so interesting. Check it out.

1. This is what a cell in Sweden's biggest prison looks like:

A room with a window, large bookcase, twin bed, small desk and chair, small rug, TV, and sink

2. This is what a cross-section of wood from the 1950s looks like compared with a cross-section of wood from today:

1950s wood has more striations/growth rings

3. This is what the set of Seinfeld looked like:

Seinfeld set with several rooms sectioned off in a studio

4. And this is what the set of I Love Lucy looks like in full color:

The I Love Lucy set with blue couch and seats

5. During World War II, the statue of "David" by Michelangelo was completely encased in bricks to prevent damage from bombs:

David encased in bricks in the shape of a dome

6. This is what the late 7-foot-7-inch NBA legend Manute Bol looked like while swimming in a typical swimming pool:

Manute Bol swimming in a pool, with his legs looking especially long

7. This is what the American section in a German sporting goods store looks like:

Mainly footballs and baseball caps and bats

8. This is (probably) the oldest olive tree on Earth, clocking in at a whopping 3,500-plus years old:

A bushy green tree with a thick trunk with mountains behind it

9. This is what the back of the "Mona Lisa" looks like:

A nondescript back of a wooden canvas with "H" and "29" written on it

10. Now, you're obviously familiar with the front side of a peacock. It's majestic. Glorious, even! But have you ever seen a peacock's back side? Now you have:

A peacock's rear with the feathers in the back raised and the plumage in full effect

11. This, in all its glory, is what the inside of the Wienermobile looks like:

Brightly colored (red and yellow) seats with a yellow mustard zigzag on the floor and hot dogs illustrations on the backs of the seats

12. This is what's behind a movie screen:

Speakers on the back of the screen, scaffolding, and a ladder

13. You can tell the difference between cheap pasta and expensive pasta by looking at them:

The cheap pasta is smoother

14. This is what the city of Seattle used to be like before a major regrading project changed it, flattening hills and reshaping the landscape to "open up the city to more commerce":

Hilly terrain, gravel roads, and just a few small buildings in a black-and-white photo

15. This is what a credit card from the 1950s looked like:

A cardboard credit card with a small metal plate with a raised name and address on it attached

16. This is artist Dario Campanile next to the painting he made for Paramount's 75th anniversary. The painting would go on to be the source of the company's subsequent logos:

Dario with arms folded next to a painting of snowcapped mountains and clouds in the sky

17. Screwdrivers...well, screwdrivers can be really, really big:

A person holding a screwdriver that extends up a wall

18. This what a map of the world's oceans and only the world's oceans looks like:

The oceans' connected outlines around the continents, from the Arctic to the Atlantic and Indian oceans and the Pacific

19. There's a place in Norway named Rjukan that, because it's wedged between a bunch of tall mountains, only gets sun for less than half a year:

A village in a valley between mountains

20. In order to get the residents some of that sweet, sweet vitamin D, a series of giant mirrors were built to reflect sunlight into the town. You can see them at work here:

Panels of mirrors on the side of a mountain above the town

21. Some elevators have buttons you can press with your FEET:

A numbered panel just above the floor

22. And finally, this is the statement President Jimmy Carter wrote and put aboard the Voyager 1 spacecraft, intended for any aliens the probe might encounter:

A statement from Carter dated June 16, 1977, describing the US as "a community of 240 million human beings among the more than 4 billion people who inhabit the planet Earth" and describes it as "a present from a small, distant world"