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    My Dumb Little Pea Brain Is Completely Blown After Seeing These 21 Incredibly Fascinating Pictures For The Very First Time This Week

    These are all just so, so fascinating. See for yourself.

    1. This is what a human skeleton looks like compared with a gorilla skeleton:

    The gorilla rib cage and pelvic bone is much wider

    2. This is what a store-bought egg looks like compared with an egg bought at a farmers market:

    The farmers market egg yolk is more orange

    3. This is what a husky looks like compared with a wolf:

    The wolf is almost twice the size of the husky

    4. This is the top hat Abraham Lincoln wore the night he was assassinated:

    A well-worn top hat

    5. The small island in the middle of this picture is where Princess Diana is buried:

    A tiny round piece of land with bushes in the middle of a pond, surrounded by a large garden

    6. The words added to the dictionary in 1900 are an absolute doozy:

    An old dictionary open to a page labeled "Words recently introduced," including Eugenics, Telewriter, Wireless, and Linotype

    7. This is what a "fresh cup" of banana juice looks like:

    Light yellow liquid in a measuring cup

    8. This is the size of a flag flown on a Spanish ship at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1905:

    A frayed flag open and lying flat

    9. This is what a newborn baby hippo looks like:

    A cute little hippo with many skin folds

    10. America is still very, very young:

    Social media post using the lifetimes of people who lived about 100 years each to illustrate the point that the US is only three adult lifetimes old

    11. This is the heaviest building in the world, the Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest, Romania:

    A large rectangular edifice several tiered stories high

    12. Elephants have "humanlike" breasts:

    Arrow pointing to an elephant's two hanging udders

    13. In the mid-1800s, any of these things could get you admitted to a "lunatic asylum":

    A long list of "Reasons for Admission 1864 to 1889," including female disease, feebleness of intellect, sexual derangement, self-abuse, desertion by husband, asthma, and fell from horse in war

    14. This is what a real, authentic plague mask from the 1500s looked like:

    A velvety-looking mask that goes over the head and covers the shoulders, with a conelike beak nose and plastic holes for the eyes

    15. Social Security cards used to not be a flimsy little piece of paper:

    A firm-looking Social Security card

    16. This is what a pistachio looks like before it's harvested and becomes the delicious nut we know and love:

    Bunches of what look like small reddish-yellow buds hanging on a bush

    17. Hospitals have machines that allow doctors and nurses to see exactly where your veins are:

    A person's open palm with the veins showing up in a lit, squared-off area

    18. Woolly mammoth tusks are absolutely enormous:

    Tusks being held up by a crane on top of a truck as men stand next to it

    19. Cooling towers have an open bottom:

    The base of a cooling tower with glass windows

    20. The Mars Curiosity rover is drilling a ton of holes on Mars. Here's what 36 of them look like:

    Six rows of holes in a claylike surface of various colors

    21. And finally, this is what a mass of DNA looks like:

    Clear liquid with a small clump in the center in a test tube