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Okay, Literally Every Single One Of These Pictures Completely And Totally Blew My Dumb Little Brain Last Week

These pictures are absolutely stunning, I tell ya.

1. This is Robert Wadlow, the tallest man who ever lived:

Robert Wadlow

2. And here's Mr. Wadlow with his slightly shorter dad:

Robert Wadlow and his father

3. This is what the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC looked like in 1907:

Lincoln Memorial

4. And this is what it looked like 100 years later:

Lincoln Memorial

5. This is how big Alaska is compared to Europe:

Alaska over Europe

6. This is what one of Shaq's championship rings looks like on a typical-sized human hand:

Shaq's championship ring

7. These are two of the earliest known photographs of Saturn and Jupiter, taken in the 19th century:

Jupiter and Saturn

8. This is what the First Class Lounge on the Titanic looked like:

Lounge on the Titanic

9. And this is what the Third Class dining room of the Titanic's sister ship, the Olympic, looked like:

The Olympic third-class saloon

10. The man in the middle in this picture is a college-aged Richard Nixon:

Young Richard Nixon

11. You can buy gigantic safety pins:

Large safety pins

12. That tiny little fellah on the left there is a normal clothes dryer compared to a commercial dryer on its right:


13. This is the Times Building, the center of New York's Times Square, under construction in 1903:

Times Building

14. And here's what that same area looks like over a hundred years later:

Times Square

15. This monument to the doomed Donner Party shows just how deep the snow the unfortunate travelers had to deal with was:

Tribute to the Donner Party

16. This is what an intact, peeled egg looks like:

A peeled egg

17. And this is what a big ol' chunk of a peeled aloe plant looks like:

Chunk of an aloe plant

18. In 2003, it was discovered that a full-grown, 400-pound bengal tiger was being kept as a pet in a New York City apartment. Police were able to rescue the tiger, and he lived out the rest of his life in an Ohio animal sanctuary:

A tiger in a Harlem apartment

19. The original design for the Michelin Man was absolutely terrifying:

Design for the Michelin man

20. This man, Tom Pearcy, set the world record for "largest pumpkin boat" in 2018:

Tom Pearcy in his pumpkin boat

21. This is what the Golden Gate Bridge looked like while it was under construction:

The Golden Gate Bridge under construction

22. A billion is a really, really big number:

1 billion seconds is about 31.5 years.

23. This is Charles Ponzi, the infamous scammer ponzi schemes got their name from:

Charles Ponzi

24. These are hand-drawn sketches of the phases of the moon Galileo Galilei drew in 1610:

Galileo Galilei's phases of the moon

25. And, finally, this is what that tiny l'il ball in a Guinness beer looks like:

Guinness ball