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    Okay, Literally Every Single One Of These 19 Things I Just Found Out Completely And Totally Blew My Mind Last Week

    My brain is blown.

    1. Gorillas are built like TANKS compared to humans:

    2. The McDonald's in Montrose, Colorado only has one arch:

    3. This is what a piece of the moon and a piece of Mars looks like:

    Read and see more here.

    4. This is Ruth Malcolmson, the woman who won the 1924 Miss America pageant:

    Ruth Malcolmson

    5. If you don't move your finger for a long time you, can lose the crease:

    6. In Texas, you can get ammunition for the price of a gum ball:

    7. Toilet paper from the early 20th century looked very, very uncomfortable:

    It fact, it would often give your rear-end SPLINTERS.

    8. Purple peppers proudly present periodically:

    9. Medicine in the 1800s was absolutely wild:

    Chloroform and cannabis. Mama mia!

    10. Big lighters are just small lighters in disguise:

    11. Some planes have put a no electronics sign in place of their no smoking signs:

    12. Jupiter looks absolutely bonkers:

    13. The words added to the dictionary in 1900 are an absolute doozy:

    Some big ones in there.

    14. Waterproof casts exist and look pretty sweet:

    15. This is what Antarctica looks like from space:

    Read more about how this image was made here.

    16. Squash? Well, squash can be huge:

    17. It was almost impossible NOT to look bad on a report card from the 1920s:

    18. There's still a whole bunch of Y2K stickers floatin' around out there:

    19. And, finally, sometimes rocks can look like a delicious potato:

    Mmmmm...forbidden potato.