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Literally Every Single One Of These 20 Pictures Completely And Totally Blew My Mind Last Week

"Quick, how do I, a nearly 30-year-old American, become a student at an Italian school??"

1. CGI has come a long, long way:

2. This is what a thousand dollar bill looks like:

That's Grover Cleveland on the bill.

3. Modern-day George Washington looks like he has a lot of thoughts on Saltine crackers:

Not sure how to tell people I made the photorealistic George Washington picture so I’m awkwardly roaming the internet now. But... I made it.

Twitter: @GeorgeAquilla

4. This is the violin Wallace Hartley, band leader on the Titanic, played as the ship sank:

a very old violin

5. You can tell the difference between cheap pasta and expensive pasta by looking at them:

6. Italian students eat better than I ever have:

7. Veneers don't glow under blacklight:

8. This is what the 2002 Scholastic Book Club catalog looked like:

9. This is a picture of a sunset...on Mars:

a gray-hued sunset

10. Voldemort's first design was absolutely terrifying:

the first design of what voldemort was supposed to look like. thank god they didn’t chose this one... imagine the trauma. i had enough with the screaming book.

Twitter: @gayrauder

11. This is what it looks like when a Ferris wheel is being constructed:

12. The inside of a garbage truck looks really, really complicated:

13. Dentists train on one of the most horrifying things I have ever seen in my life:

14. This is what the scalp of the Statue of Liberty looks like from the torch:

top of Statue of Liberty

15. As of 2018 there were still three people in the United States living most of their life inside an iron lung because they contracted polio as children:

a patient in an iron lung

16. Aspirin from the 1930s looks like something out of the Harold Potter book series:

17. This is what a Coca-Cola bottle from 1975 looked like:

18. In 1986 the city of Cleveland released 1.5 million balloons at once to set a Guinness World Record:

over a million balloons in the sky

19. This is what a bag of white blood cells looks like:

And in case you're wondering, OP said last month that they have been cancer free for two years.

20. And, finally, sharks are natural artists:

A shark fitted with a GPS tracker drew a shark in the Atlantic.

Twitter: @tripgore

Ain't that neat.