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My Little Dumb Brain Is Totally Blown After Seeing These 23 Absolutely Fascinating Pictures For The First Time

These are some absolutely incredible shots.

1. This is what the end of 13,000 miles of the Great Wall of China looks like:

A gray brick and stone edifice emerging from the water at the shore

2. This is how big a giant squid is compared with a human being:

A man crouching next to a squid extended along a plastic cover in a field

3. This adorable little thing is a hummingbird's feather:

A tiny feather resting on someone's pointy finger

4. This is what an elephant's tail looks like close up:

A tail showing many hairs

5. And this is what one of those tail hairs looks like up close:

A rounded hair in the palm of a hand

6. Pilots get special cups on airplanes:

Cup reading "Pilot cup for flight deck use only"

7. This is what a completely empty CVS store looks like:

An empty store without aisles

8. This is what the Mayan temple at Chichen Itza looked like before it was restored:

A building at the top of a wild hill

9. And this is what it looks like today:

A temple at the top of stairs with maintained grass at the base

10. This man, Gay Jewel, was declared the "world's heaviest man" in 1899:

11. Have you ever looked closely at the backs of a cat's legs? There are whiskers there called carpal whiskers:

Longer hairs at the back of a cat's leg

12. In 1966, a blizzard in North Dakota saw snow drifts reach up to 40 feet. This is what that looked like:

Power line buried in snow

13. This is a record of everyone who died and how they died in London during one week in 1665:

Deaths and casualties for the week, including 21 infants, 353 from fever, 3,880 from the plague, 174 from consumption, 54 from being aged, 74 from "griping in the guts," and 2 from cancer

14. A fire alarm is...just a switch!

The inside of a fire alarm shows a switch

15. Black paper towels exist:

16. This is what a 30-year-old cat looks like:

A long-haired ginger tabby in front of a small pastry with frosting and three unlit candles

17. Lemons float, limes sink. LEMONS FLOAT, LIMES SINK!

A pitcher of water with slices of lime at the bottom and lemon slices floating at the top

18. See that little hole there? This is what Mount Vesuvius looks like from space:

An arrow pointing to a dot on a landscape

19. This enormous disk is what 10 MB of data looked like in the 1960s:

A man holding a disc whose diameter is wider than his torso

20. Deep scars don't bruise:

A large purplish bruise with an unbruised section

21. Some airports have bathrooms specifically for service animals. This is what they look like:

A rectangular grassy-looking space in a bathroom with a fire hydrant, surrounded by tiles

22. This is a piece of uranium glassware, a special kind of glass that glows under a blacklight because of the uranium added when the glass was being made:

A luminescent glass with a stem

23. And, finally, a normal-size piece of paper looks incredibly tiny when held by Shaq:

Shaquille O'Neal in a suit holding a piece of paper