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35 Pictures That Will Give You Intense 2000s Flashbacks

Cherish the mems, however awkward they may be.

1. Winning the lottery:

2. Letting everyone know your pain:

3. The struggle:

4. Inexplicable popped collars:

5. Fistfuls of bracelets:

6. Finding your fairy godparents:

7. Perfecting your profile:


9. Waiting 35 minutes to download a song:

10. The luxury:

11. Internet Explorer crashing every third webiste:

12. Seeing who exactly is Next:

13. Perfecting the perfect "scene" top 8:

14. Darrin and his masterful dance grooves:

15. Seeing this and knowing the Disney Channel movie was about to start:

16. The only pens you ever needed:

17. Taking a different survey every day:

18. These very elegant and cosmopolitan hats:

19. Spilling your heart on LiveJournal, DeadJournal, or Xanga:

20. Endless amounts of mix CDs:

21. These totally cool necklaces:

22. The only app you ever needed:

23. The endless wait:

24. Your custom wallpaper:

25. The dreaded message:

26. Never paying attention:

27. Sweet, succulent Fruitopia:

28. Picking the perfect skin:

29. Destroying your tongue:

30. This sweet little baby:

31. Someone thinking these were OK:

32. Colorful computers:

33. "Right you are, Ken":

34. Making SmarterChild swear:

35. And the crown jewel of telephones:

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