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    32 Indisputable Facts Everyone Knows Are True

    Sorry, they just are.

    1. You'll always second guess shipping:

    2. Avocados last about 13 seconds:

    3. You'll never figure out that shower:

    4. This is how you cook pasta:

    5. Taking two trips is for quitters:

    6. This always fixes the remote:

    7. Spatulas are your worst enemy:

    8. It never hurts to check:

    9. This is how you a REAL adult spells:

    10. Ya gotta say it:

    Twitter: @mattslusser / Via Getty

    11. There is no harder decision to make:

    12. Ya gotta click it:

    13. Microwaves will betray you:

    14. The picture always says like two words instead of a thousand:

    15. Turning down the music = seeing better:

    16. You'll always pick the wrong line:

    17. This is how coffee works:

    18. There's a BIG difference in temperature between seasons:

    19. You'll never pull the right one:

    20. There is no lower point:

    21. Except for this:

    22. Sometimes ya just need one more sandwich:

    23. There is no louder sound:

    24. Ya gotta let it soak:

    25. Ya gotta do it at seven:

    26. You gotta take it easy after this happens:

    27. Less is always more:

    28. Everyone uses THE CHAIR:

    29. This is what "I'll let you know" means:

    30. All trust goes away when the remote is involved:

    31. This is the most anxiety inducing moment:

    32. And, finally, sometimes it's just better to be quiet:

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