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Updated on Sep 12, 2020. Posted on Sep 8, 2020

Sorry, But It's Actually Physically Impossible Not To Laugh At These 33 Pictures

Try it.

1. The perfect pizza topping:

crushed peppers container reading cruch papers

2. A must with every bagel:

Cream cheese container reading "cheam creems"

3. The duality of man:

ketchup bottle reading ketchap

4. Fire safety 101:

fire extinguisher horribly mispelled

5. The trash:

Shopping cart reading "garbich"

6. The most important alarm:

Smoke alarm reading "smork alam"

7. The leafy green of choice:

Spinach container reading "spinch"

8. Everyone's favorite topping:

Sprinkles container reading "ranibow sprimkle"

9. The best condiment:

Ketchup container reading "kepchup"

10. The perfect place to sit:

bench labled banch

11. Delicious guts:

Chicken nuggets container labeled "chicken nutguts"

12. A breakfast staple:

Oatmeal container labeled "oatmeat"

13. The most delicious spice:

Nutmeg container labeled "nugmet"

14. The only broth for hands:

Soap dispenser labeled "hand soup"

15. A balanced breakfast:

Sign reading "scarmmbled eggs"

16. The one rule:

Sign reading "no smorking"

17. The best cuppa coffee in town:

Starbucks knockoff where it says "sbartucks"

18. The sale of a century:

Sign reading "groj sale"

19. The dumbest stick:

Sign reading "dumsticks & thighs"

20. More sprinkle goodness:

Container reading "rowbow sprinkles"

21. The most delicious mammal:

sign reading chocolate mouse

22. Workout equipment:

Facebook marketplace listing reading "dumbles"

23. Little bebbies:

Sign reading "strawbebbies for sale"

24. An important reminder of what you are:

Sign reading "belssed"

25. Paper towel royalty:

Paper towel dispenser labeled "napkings"

26. The nuggest of all:

Sign reading "chichen nuggest"

27. That campfire treat:

Sign misspelling marshmallows

28. Body milk:

Milk dispenser labeled "skin milk"

29. The scariest bugs around:

Snapchat of a praying mantis labeled "wtf prang mantas"

30. Swampy potaos:

Mashed potatoes with a sign labeled "marsh potao"

31. Things to keep your eyes open for:

Sign reading "watch for perdestrians"

32. A pleasant thank you:

Sign reading "thank you manmamangment"

33. And the best vegetable around:

Kid's answer to a question of their favorite vegetable reading "brogle"

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