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    23 Extremely Important Things You Don't Learn Until You're In Your Mid-20s


    1. Sponges are God's gift to humankind:

    2. You gotta have the talk:

    3. You'll never remember your sunglasses:

    4. The best burner is the front left burner:

    5. Your body has a mind of its own:

    6. There's no better feeling:

    7. You'll cherish the mems:

    8. You gotta make everything worthwhile:

    9. Everything your parents did will start to make sense:

    10. Like, everything:

    11. Vegetables will betray you:

    12. Things get a little real after 21:

    13. Everyone is on their own trip:

    14. Nothing is more stressful than dinner:

    15. Waking up gets extra fun:

    16. Being financially responsible will take on a whole new meaning:

    17. Your wisdom is only as wise as the people around you:

    18. You're gonna grunt:

    19. It gets way too fast:

    20. Ya gotta stay hydrated:

    21. Songs will begin to have new meanings:

    22. Most of it is just winging it:

    23. And, finally, this is what life basically boils down to: