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    18 Pictures That Are Way, Way Too Real If You're Someone Who's Bad At Math

    It's a living.

    1. First off, you know the truth:

    2. You're well familiar with the decimal struggle:

    3. And no stranger to a little light estimating:

    4. You know true pain:

    5. And you know there's no such thing as "mental math":

    6. You know it's not a GAME:

    7. And this was basically the only good part of math class:

    8. Now, there are times when you become a math genius:

    9. And I mean, you did learn some things in school:

    10. Like what M.A.T.H. really stands for:

    11. And what it means to grow up:

    12. But mostly your brain works like this:

    13. And looks a lot like this:

    14. For you tipping can be an extreme sport:

    15. You're terrified of the future:

    16. I mean, can you imagine?

    17. But that's because you know the truth:

    18. And you just aren't about that math life:

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