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Okay, I Seriously Can't Stop Laughing At All These Ignorant Americans Who've Gotten Absolutely Roasted Into Oblivion So Far This Year

We gotta get it together, my fellow Americans.

1. On why the US doesn't need free healthcare:

Person who says why do you need universal healthcare when you can just wash your hands

2. On the beauty of language:

Person who thinks American, English, and Australian are all different languages

3. On garbage:

Person who says that 100,000 kg is equal to 17 pounds

4. On telling time:

Person who does not understand roman numerals on a clock

5. On gas prices:

Person who asks if Italians drive to Malta, an archipelago, to get gas

6. On Georgia:

American who is not aware of the country of Georgia

7. On the Middle Ages:

Person who says in very incoherent English that people in the UK still talk like it is the Middle Ages

8. On Spanish:

Person who asks why they speak Spanish in Europe

9. On Germany:

Person who says this is America, speak English, and someone says they're in Germany

10. On the metric system:

Person who says the only country who doesn't use metric put a man on the moon, and someone says anyone at NASA knows metric

11. On the World Cup:

American who thinks that 100 million times 4 is 4 billion

12. On geography:

American who says they don't learn geography in school because America is larger than Europe and envisions the world and space differently and therefore doesn't value geography

13. On cars versus public transportation:

Person who says cars are way better than trains because freedom and privacy are #1 in the US and sitting next to other people sucks, and someone responds have fun staying in traffic for hours while they're in their high-speed train

14. On medical care:

Person who says European healthcare is worse than US healthcare, and someone says in Europe the person would owe no money for their healthcare

15. On war:

Person who says the Revolutionary War was fought by people without military experience, and someone points out that George Washington was a general and had help from the French military

16. On trains:

Person who is not impressed with Japan's bullet trains because airplanes can go twice as fast

17. On Scottish heritage:

Person who says they are Scottish despite being American

18. On showering:

Person who says only Europeans shower at night and when you're the best country in the world, you shower in the morning because you're excited for the day ahead

19. On licensing:

Person criticizes the misspelling of "licence," and someone explains that UK English and US English are different

20. On Celsius:

Person who does not know what Celsius is and asks, "Where's that?"

21. And on measurements:

Person who does not understand how Europeans measure how much gas is left in their tank with the metric system