17 Pictures You'll Only Understand If You Hate Smoking Cigarettes

    Do what you feel, just do it a little farther over there.

    1. The "Someone Just Lit A Cig Next To Me" Face:

    2. The "Six People Just Lit Cigarettes Next To Me" Face:

    3. The "Literally Everyone Around Me Is Smoking" Face:

    4. The "Trying To Keep It Together While Breathing In All That Smoke" Face:

    5. The "Can't Keep It Together I'm Outta Here" Face:

    6. The "Sitting On A Bench And Someone Sits Next To Me And Immediately Starts Smoking A Cigarette" Face:

    7. The "Someone Just Blew Smoke Into My Eyes" Face:

    8. The "Walking Directly Behind Someone Smoking Cigarettes" Face:

    9. The "Crossing The Street To Get Out Of The Line Of Smoke" Face:

    10. The "Someone Started Smoking In The Outdoor Seating" Face:

    11. The "Trapped In A Car With Someone Smoking" Face:

    12. The "Holding My Breath While Walking Past Someone Smoking" Face:

    13. The "Talking With Someone Who Just Smoked A Cig" Face:

    14. The "Someone Is Smoking Cigs At The Pool" Face:

    15. The "In The Park And Watching Someone Just Throw All Their Butts On The Ground" Face:

    16. The "Literally Anytime Someone Smokes A Cigarette" Face:

    This what I look like when people ask me lol RT “@BIVIW: boul asked me if I wanted to smoke a cig 😒 thats drawlin”

    17. And the "What I'd Actually Like To Do To Everyone Above" Face: