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    23 Insane Ideas That Are Actually Pure Genius

    These Ideas 2020.

    1. This much needed category:

    2. What FaceTime was invented for:

    3. The laziest thing imaginable:

    4. The ultimate Valentine's Day date:

    5. Grocery genius:

    6. Dad brilliance:

    7. What you should REALLY wish for:

    8. Retail revenge:

    9. How to get the most out of your ice machine:

    10. Gum genius:

    11. A match made in Chattanooga:

    12. The world's greatest ringtone:

    13. How to get that word count up:

    14. Shazam part two:

    Shazam but for strange noises in your house at night.

    15. The agony and the ecstasy of Poop Shoes:

    16. Thanksgiving round two:

    17. Beautiful names:

    18. Intramural genius:

    in college we named our intramural softball team “NO GAME SCHEDULED” because if the other team didn’t show up they lost their league deposit and forfeited. it worked several times. everyone hated us and nothing as cool as that has happened to me since.

    19. Song memories:

    20. Snack miracles of life:

    21. The ultimate taxi:

    22. Twin lies:

    23. And, finally, how to spice up your funeral:

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