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25 Places You Need To Poop In Before You Die

I want to poop there.

1. This magical spot at UC Santa Barbara:

2. The Clarion Hotel in Malmö, Sweden:

3. This glorious throne in Peru:

4. This breathtaking spot in Laos:

5. The Shard in London:

6. This winter washroom in Midway, Utah:

7. The JR Tower in Sapporo, Japan:

8. The beautiful Beau Constantia Wine Farm:

9. This spot in Queensland, Australia:

10. Gazing from the top of Saint Mary Peak in Montana:

11. This spot of takeoffs and (mostly) landings in South Africa:

12. This tremendous toilet in Tasmania:

13. At the top of the world in the Democratic Republic of the Congo:

14. Literally on top of the Haleakala volcano in Hawaii:

15. Wringin' one out in Wringapeak, U.K.:

16. Looking over the water in Big Sur, California:

17. Martha's Creek in Canada:

18. Just chilling in Pigeon Spire, Canada:

19. Precariously up on a mountain in Colorado:

20. Above down under in Austria:

21. Looking into the distance in Zimbabwe:

22. In the mountains of Slovakia:

23. In the middle of the desert in Monarch Lakes, California:

24. Secluded at Snow Lake in Washington:

25. Or, you know, with a friend: