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    17 Signs You're Actually The Grinch

    It's that time of year!

    1. You're constantly faced with the tough questions:

    2. You always leave time for the important things:

    3. You react to most things like this:

    4. The funniest person you know is yourself:

    5. You realize how great it is to be home:

    6. And when someone comes in unannounced, it's shocking:

    7. Your daily schedule basically consists of this:

    8. You understand the important things in life:

    9. Getting emotional is painful:

    10. This is how you make plans:

    11. Though sometimes you feel like going out is appropriate:

    12. Your reaction to Christmas music is complex:

    13. You keep a list of the most important people in your life:

    14. You're always trying to forget things:

    15. You either react to everything with this face...

    16. Or this face:

    17. But that's just you: The Grinch.