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    32 Reasons Why Human Beings Are Definitely Not Meant To Last

    Can't believe we made it this far.

    1. We're always putting our heads where they don't belong:

    2. And putting other body parts where they don't belong:

    3. And just generally getting trapped everywhere we go:

    4. Ladders are a blank canvas to us:

    5. WE never think things through:

    6. We're always exacerbating the situation:

    7. We have no idea how to handle cooking:


    8. We'll eat anything:

    9. I mean, ANYTHING:


    10. We... do this:

    11. Everything is food to us:

    12. We're drinking paint!

    13. We take dumb risks:

    14. Do dumb activities:

    15. And fall through dumb things:

    16. We make changes that don't need to happen:

    17. We'll believe anything:

    18. No matter how unsafe it sounds:


    19. We are a little too eager to play with mysterious substances:


    20. We confuse syrup and sanitizer:

    21. It takes us three slices to recognize mold:

    22. Everything is dangerous to us:


    23. Speakers...

    24. Roofs:

    25. Walls:

    26. I mean, come on:

    27. Or perform basic human duties:

    28. We constantly get caught in bad situations:

    29. Or difficult situations:

    30. And we're very, very slow to react:

    31. None of us can read:

    32. I give humans 10 more years, tops.

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