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32 Pictures Every Guy Between The Ages Of 22 And 29 Will Definitely Recognize

Every single one.

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1. Written down every single cheat code on a piece of paper:

2. Spent half a class peeling off glue:

3. Shot up some lead:

4. Busted your ankles with a scooter:

5. Figured out how to do this on a calculator:

6. Picked Pablo Sanchez first overall:

7. Huffed some marker:

8. Had a sword fight with markers:

9. Or with these:

10. Ended someone's life with a wasp:

11. Put those pins RIGHT through the skin:

12. Lasered some tag:

13. Busted every finger on one of these:

14. Heard these sacred words and smiled:

15. Ended up with ~20 splinters from this playground:

16. Climbed above and below the seats causin' a ruckus:

17. Cherry-bombed a mofo:

18. Bought one of these bad boys from the book fair:

19. Burned the candle at both ends:

20. Coveted thy neighbors starter jacket:

21. Dunked the hell out of some 'roos:

22. Drawn this all over their stuff:

23. Made the teacher make this face and say "I'll wait":

24. Shit their pants from this video:

25. Thrown these all over the place on the 4th of July:

26. Made fake grillz out of foil:

27. Watched Ken be right:

28. Given a list of songs to a friend to burn on a CD:

29. Hung out at this spot:

30. Protected this castle:

31. Skated with one of these, probably while singing "SO HERE I AM, DOING EVERYTHING I CAN":

32. And fell in love Wendy Peffercorn from "The Sandlot":

Everyone's first love.
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Everyone's first love.

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