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How Many Five Year Olds Can You Realistically Take In A Fight?

Finally, an answer to the eternal question. Note: you should never, ever attempt to beat up a five year old, ya knucklehead.

  1. 1. How would you describe your physique?

  2. 2. Are you willing to do whatever it takes to win this fight?

  3. 3. Have you ever actually beat up a five year old?

  4. 4. What's your five year old whoopin' strategy?

  5. 5. How many fights have you actually been in?

  6. 6. Would you describe yourself as a person that can be "climbed easily?"

  7. 7. Are you male or female?

  8. 8. Do you have any self-defense training?

  9. 9. If need be, would you be willing to use one of the 5 year olds as an improvised weapon?

  10. 10. What age group do you fall in?

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