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    The 19 Most Awkward Moments In The History Of Kissing

    Note to every person: never kiss. Ever.

    1. The Grande Fake-Out:


    2. The Just Keep Your Flowers:

    3. The Basketball Disaster:


    4. The Neck Scratcher:

    5. The 50 Cent:

    6. The Last Dance:

    7. The Replacement:

    8. The Limbo:


    9. The Hockey Slap:

    10. The Ginger:

    11. The No Look Denial:

    12. The Half Smile:

    13. The Littlest Rejection:

    14. The Cat Calamity:

    15. The P'Corn:

    16. The Bono:

    17. The Slight Shift:

    18. The Rogen:

    19. And The Face Muncher:

    TLC / Via

    Hey, at least they're trying.

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