People Are Sharing Their Catastrophic Home Improvement Fails And Honestly I'm Trying Not To Laugh

    And this is why I never try to fix anything.

    If you ever feel bad about your own awful home improvement skills, just remember...

    1. At least you didn't run out of paint at the worst possible moment:

    2. At least you aren't trapped forever upstairs:

    3. At least your windows aren't making fun of you:

    4. At least the local ducks don't have it out for you:

    5. At least your neighbor didn't just put in a chandelier: 

    6. At least a leaf won't be part of your home decor until the end of days:

    7. At least you aren't trapped for eternity in the living room:

    woman in the middle of a freshly painted floor

    8. At least you don't have a drain for decoration:

    drain too high so it does nothing

    9. At least you didn't pop your wall full of holes:

    many holes in a wall looking for a stud

    10. At least your door doesn't have a full moon:

    someone tried to make a kitty door but put it on the wrong end of the door

    11. At least you're not dealing with... this:

    roof hood thats connected to nothing

    12. At least you didn't give yourself an impromptu hair dye:

    13. At least you didn't just invest in brand new textured floors:

    14. At least you didn't just splatter your stairs:

    15. At least you don't have to look at this monstrosity every day:

    16. At least you can poop in peace:

    17. At least you didn't build yourself a miniature house:

    a man walks upstairs but his head hits the ceiling

    18. At least your clothes didn't get a fresh coat:

    19. At least you didn't turn into a paint ghost:

    Last night's DIY fail. Realised I left the paint pot open on the wrong side of the kitchen floor I had just painted...

    20. At least you don't have a monster trying to bust out of your basement walls:

    wall bursting in a basement

    21. At least you didn't just find out that "not all doors are the same size":

    22. At least your door can still door:

    23. At least your new shower doesn't look like this:

    shattered shower

    24. At least your drawers can get along:

    two drawers blocking each other

    25. At least you haven't had to bend the dimensions of your space for a ceiling fan:

    26. At least your satellite doesn't have a permanent necklace:

    a ladder around a satellite dish

    27. At least your shower head isn't straight from the kitchen sink:

    28. At least your toilet isn't a dang puzzle:

    a toilet bowl with the lid and the seat on backwards

    29. At least you didn't put your doorstop on the wrong side:

    30. At least your ladder isn't trapped:

    31. At least you didn't run out of paint at JUST the worst moment:

    guy who ran out of paint

    32. At least your ceiling fan isn't locked in a heated battle with your wall:

    ceiling fan hit a wall

    33. At least your wall isn't bleeding spray foam:

    brick wall with way too much insulation foam

    34. At least you can still use your step ladder:

    35. And at least your poor stove didn't just find out how heavy microwaves are:

    microwave above a place where it obviously fell