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    The 30 Absolute Highest Moments In All Of Human History

    True trailblazers.

    1. The forgotten fruit:

    2. The sliced bread:

    3. The ultimate jam:

    4. The most delicious breakfast:

    5. The muppet:

    6. The best analogy:

    7. The true definition:

    8. The best way to smoke:

    9. The all-knowing vehicle:

    10. The apology:

    11. Time in the fourth dimension:

    12. The best way to say good night:

    13. The hidden sandwich:

    14. Man's best friend:

    15. The holey cat:

    16. The devastation of the chips:

    17. The Girl Scout feds:

    18. The highest bouncer:

    19. The rabbit:

    20. The order:

    21. The special ingredient:

    22. The devastating effects:


    23. The true mark of being high:

    24. The realization:


    25. The beauty of nature:

    26. The calculator betrayal:

    27. A little math:

    28. The long commute:

    29. The follower:

    30. And the real dangers:

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