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23 Tweets That Prove Just How Different High School Teachers And College Professors Are

"This won't fly in college" — every high school teacher ever.

1. College professors can be really hard to get to know:

Middle school: "They won't tolerate this in high school." HS: "This won't work in college." College professor: "y'all want some milkduds?"

2. They keep their beliefs to themselves:

High school teachers won’t tell you their political views but college professors will drag the entire US government without a second thought

3. They're very secretive people:

Why did high school teachers always make college professors sound so strict & scary when in reality they’re like, “What’s up, you can call me Andy, I illegally downloaded the text book if you need it & I also have a gambling problem.” Lmfaooo

4. And they aren't afraid to lay down the law:

tweet. reading i snuck out my phone during lecture and immediately received this with a picture of michael scott saying i'll kill you sent from professor donaldson's phone

5. College professors have no patience for tardiness:

tweet with a snapchat from a professor that says i'm late for class

6. And they don't appreciate any funny business:

High school teachers: “Your professors in college won’t put up with that” College professors:

7. They keep a strict schedule:

high school teachers vs. college professors

8. They're absolutely zero fun and games:

High school: "we're only being this strict to prepare you for college" College: *professor comes to class on Halloween in dinosaur costume*

9. College professors rarely make mistakes:

Email from a professor titled trail mix attack about how they spilled trailmix all over every single student's papers

10. They don't make promises they can't keep:

Tweet that reads when high school teachers kept telling me college professors would be so much worse with an email reading prof sick see you wednesday if i'm still alive

11. College professors have absolutely no room for failure:

High school teachers: your college professors are NOT going to put up with this College professors: who wants to race in the parking lot

12. They're super formal:

tweet with a picture of a professor that says what would professor carlsen's rap name be with choices like playboi allan, 21 allan, and dj ac slater

13. And they only dress in the finest clothing:

tweet about how high school teachers said professors wouldn't tolerate anything and it's a picture of a professor in a banana costume

14. They rarely give extra credit:

High school teachers: Your college professors will NOT put up with this. College prof: *while eating banana* so the final isn’t cumulative. If you want extra credit come to my karaoke night.

15. Like, never:

teachers in high school: "extra credit doesn't exist in college and you will die" actual college professors: "make a hand turkey and show me for bonus points"

16. College professors take tests very seriously:

HS teachers: college is NOT a joke a real college exam question i just had: “which doesn’t belong?” A. Ethos B. Pathos C. Logos D. Migos

17. Super, super serious:

My High school Teacher: “You are all in for a rude awakening in college. Professors don’t mess around, its all business there.” My Neuroscience Prof:

18. College professors have no time for jokes:

tweet about how college professors are super serious with an email screen cap of a professor asking what is orange and sounds like a parrot. it's a carrot

19. They're super hard-asses:

High school teacher: “college professors won’t be as laid back as I am” College professor: “I’m canceling class just because so take the quiz I posted online”

20. They only cancel class if the situation is truly desperate:

Email from a professor that says due to parking issues class is canceled

21. Like, truly desperate:

high school teachers: be thankful we're so hard on you, college professors would fuck your ass up college professors: hi guys, Sorry, I can't make it to class, I'm mourning my fish. It drowned. -sent from my iPhone

22. They have no time for fun and games:

Tweet about how a professor canceled class because he was straight up not having a good time right now

23. They let absolutely nothing slide:

tweet from a student about how they accidentally submitted a paper that started with hey fuckers listen up and the professor replied that they might print and frame this email

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