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The 24 Highest Moments In All Of Human History

Or maybe just the funniest.

1. They know their limits:

2. They're super careful:

3. They embrace technology:

4. They're polite:

5. They use absolutely no waste:

6. They're always trying to be friendly:

7. They're skilled at finding things:

8. They always give a proper goodnight:

9. They tell it like it is:

10. They have great taste:

11. They are honest about their mistakes:

12. They know how to relax:

13. They're tough but fair:

14. They have great advice:

15. They're rightly suspicious:

16. They're problem solvers:

17. They answer honestly and quickly:

18. They see the beauty in the little things:

19. They're great at making friends:

20. They're responsible:

21. They are always feeling right:

22. They're focused on the task at hand:

23. They notice the little details:

24. And they come up with greatest ideas: