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22 Important Reminders That Someone Is Having A Worse Day Than You


Somehow, somewhere...

1. Someone fell asleep in the wrong place.

2. Someone is having a difficult time remodeling their home.

3. Someone is never allowed to hold a camera again.

4. Someone just discovered they can never trust a puddle.

5. Someone just left their gummy bears out in the heat.

6. Someone is having an underwater wedding.

7. Someone is getting a little more than they bargained for from a lemur.

8. Someone just discovered how mail works.

9. Someone just discovered a new lake in their front seat.

10. Someone just decided to go for a swim.

11. Someone just learned an important lesson about tolerance.

12. Someone has to take care of this dog for the next 24 hours.

13. Someone has a garbage truck after them.

14. Someone is never getting out.

15. Someone just gave up their model airplane hobby.

16. Someone is about to miss a baseball game.

17. Someone just realized that they're an adult.

18. Someone just got this text.

19. Someone just got broken up with on instagram.

20. Someone just let their snowmobile run free.

21. Someone is not driving anywhere today.

22. And someone is done working forever.