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    PSA: Absolutely NO ONE Cares That You Don't Watch "Game Of Thrones"

    So clam it!

    1. First off, let's get a one thing straight - no one gives a hoot!

    Nobody cares that you don’t watch Game of Thrones.

    2. Seriously, no one cares.

    Nobody: People who don't watch #GameofThrones: Am I the only one here who doesn't watch Game of Thrones?

    3. No one at all.

    People who don’t watch Game of Thrones when it’s been a whole 4 minutes since they last told anyone that they don’t watch Game of Thrones

    4. Not a soul!

    When you don't watch Game of Thrones but love attention

    5. Absolutely no one gives a tinker's damn!

    6. Like, NO ONE.

    Everyone looking in the mirror before announcing they don’t watch game of thrones


    8. I mean, good for you!

    "I don't watch Game of Thron-" Yeah good for you. No one asked. No one cares. But good for you.

    9. You're very special.

    nobody: people who don’t watch game of thrones: i belong to the 1% of the population that has never seen a single episode of game of thrones 😜💯

    10. Very unique!

    Food we consume is mixed with acids in the stomach, causing the carbohydrates to break down in to glucose, which is absorbed by the small intestines and released to our blood to be used as energy. And some people use that energy to tell you that they don't watch Game of Thrones.

    11. Thank you for your service.

    running out of trophies to give to the people who don't watch Game of Thrones!

    12. We appreciate you.

    “I don’t watch Game of Thrones”

    13. Please, continue to tell us about a television show you don't watch.

    LITERALLY NOBODY IN THE WORLD : Ppl who don’t watch Game of Thrones: “Am I ThE OnLy OnE WhO DoSeNt WaTcH GaMe oF tHrOnEs”

    14. I know it's hard to see people enjoy a meaningless thing.

    News flash: no one cares if you haven't seen an episode of Game of thrones before. Let people enjoy things and stop critizing people for things/shows that they like.

    15. We value your input.

    16. Keep going.

    If I had a dollar for every person who feels the need to aggressively talk about how they don't watch Game of Thrones on the night that so many people are trying to enjoy themselves for one damn hour, I'd have money for all the beaded earrings I want.

    17. You're very interesting.