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28 Pictures You Pretty Much Need To Be A Genius To Understand

Or a dad. Can you solve them all?

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1. Let's start easy. What's this?

2. Can you figure this one out?

3. What about this one?


4. OK, how about now?

5. Or this?

6. Can you get this?


7. Hey, if you made it this far, you're doing well. Can you get this?

8. Great job. Honestly...

9. Does this make sense to you?

10. What about this?

11. What would Anne say?

Kevork Djansezian / Reuters

12. What's the pun here?

13. What is this trying to say?

14. Or this?

15. Isn't this GROSS?

16. What about this? It's my favorite animal:

17. LOL. You'll never get this one.


18. Can you speak musician?

19. Have you made it this far? Or have you...

20. Can you figure this out?

21. Or this one? Definitely my favorite Batman.

22. What about this one? Here's a hint: It's a city.

23. Try this one:

24. And hell, try this one, too:

25. Can you figure this one out?

26. Can you figure out which artist Michael is channeling?

27. Or this?

28. What about this "Big" pun?

And, honestly, if you're wondering, it's true: This whole post was...


How many did you get?

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