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    24 Pictures That Will Give Every Single Millennial Intense Childhood Halloween Flashbacks

    No arguments.

    1. The unmistakable scent of candy in one of these buckets:

    2. Not to mention those McDonalds trick-or-treat buckets:

    3. ... which are way smaller than you remember them being:

    4. Witch fingers that got way too sweaty after wearing them for like three minutes:

    5. Those decorations that were legally required to be in every single classroom:

    6. The thrill of trading candy at the end of the night:

    7. Which probably consisted of 50% Smarties:

    8. 25% of whatever the hell these things are:

    9. One of these unexplainable candies:

    10. And like 40 of these delicious bad boys:

    11. Not to mention this candy which ALSO only existed at Halloween:

    12. Jack-o-lantern leaf bags filled to the brim:

    13. Spending the month eating the world's most delicious cookie:

    14. Or on the waxy, waxy taste of these "fangs":

    15. Those classic McNugget happy meal Halloween toys:

    16. Those Scream masks with fake blood that you could pump down them:

    17. Or destroying thousands of dollars of dental work on one of these lollipops:

    It was worth it then and it's worth it NOW.

    18. And let's not forget these Halloween bags:

    19. Or maybe just reading one of many Halloween books:

    HarperCollins/Random House

    20. Either going to the movie store to rent a horror movie...

    21. Or watching Halloweentown and Hocus Pocus on Disney Channel for the 78th time:


    22. Or watching your favorite show's Halloween episodes, like the Rugrats special:


    23. Or the absolutely terrifying Boy Meets World Halloween special:


    24. And that sweet, sweet Halloween air:

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