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27 Halloween Costumes That Your Childhood Self Would Be Proud Of

Alternate title: your Halloween costumes for the next 27 years.

1. Gerald from "Hey Arnold":

2. Tulio and Miguel from "The Road to El Dorado":

3. Plank from "Ed, Edd, and Eddy":

4. Krum from "Aaaah!! Real Monsters":

5. Artie, the strongest man in the world, from "Pete & Pete":

6. Skeeter from "Doug":

7. Mrs. Nesbitt from "Toy Story":


8. The Pixar lamp:

9. REPAIR MAN-MAN-MAN-MAN-MAN from "All That":

10. The Ski-Free monster:

11. Fluffy the three-headed dog from "Harry Potter":

12. Wilson from "Home Improvement":

13. The Big Head Mode cheat in "Goldeneye 64":

14. Bananas In Pajamas:

15. Urkel:


16. The leg lamp from "A Christmas Story":

17. Jimmy Neutron's mom:

Lana del Ray is doing a wonderful job of demonstrating this costume here.

18. Powdered Toast Man from "Ren & Stimpy":

19. A LEGO man:

20. A champion on "Guts":

21. Reptar from "Rugrats":

22. Oblina from "Aaah!! Real Monsters":

23. Robbie from "Dinosaurs":

24. A Tomagatchi:

25. Daria and Jane from "Daria":

26. Stick Stickley:

27. And, the scariest thing of all, The "Are You Afraid of the Dark" opening credits:


Still the most terrifying thing ever.

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