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    23 Pictures That Absolutely Scream (And Smell) “Post-College Straight Dude’s Apartment"

    I lived through this. I know.

    1. A coffee table that looks exactly like this:

    2. Complete with crusty ol' weed from an undetermined amount of time ago...

    3. ...a burned-out candle that doubles as an ashtray...

    4. ...and an old Dominos box from two weekends ago.

    5. One singular "good chair" in the living room.

    6. And a couch that looks like it's seen some SHIT...

    7. ...generally with some dude crashing on it at 2 p.m.

    8. Decorations consisting of a random flag hung on the wall.

    9. And a bunch of old beer cases.

    10. A copious amount of empty liquor bottles on top of the kitchen cabinets.

    Next to several jugs of protein powder that are unreachable.

    11. A fridge with precisely this much milk left in the jug:

    12. A sink full of "somebody else's" dishes.

    13. A smoke detector that's either unplugged or has been beeping for weeks.

    14. A full roll of paper towels directly next to an empty roll.

    15. A garbage can that looks like the world's stickiest game of Jenga.

    16. A toilet paper roll with either THIS much toilet paper left...

    17. ...or a full roll resting on top of the old roll.

    18. Absolutely no hand towels in the bathroom, so you have to use their damp shower towels to dry your hands.

    19. A razor in the shower that no one has used in months.

    20. A sink that looks like this:

    And a bottle of 3-in-1 shampoo/conditioner/bodywash that's been halfway full since freshman year.

    21. A bunch of TVs of varying sizes that haven't been dusted since the Cambrian period.

    22. A mattress with absolutely no bed frame.

    23. And this exact Pulp Fiction poster: