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    Updated on May 23, 2019. Posted on Jan 30, 2018

    26 Reasons Why Growing Up In The '90s Was The Fucking Worst

    Only the strong survive.

    1. You want to call a friend? Better grab your enormous list of phone numbers:


    2. And don't get me started on if you wanted to call literally anyone else:

    3. You want to open a program? Hope you have 35 minutes:

    4. You wanted to enjoy that program? Hope you enjoy this:

    5. I mean, if you were downloading something, you had to EARN IT:

    6. And if you wanted to go on the internet? Every website pretty much looked like this:


    7. Not to mention mouse gunk, so much mouse gunk:

    8. You want to listen to a CD? Hope you have 35 minutes:

    9. You wanted THAT CD? Hope you enjoy scratches:

    10. And don't even get me started on "skip protection":

    11. If you wanted to rent a movie, you had to pray no one beat you to it:

    12. And if you wanted to see what was on TV, you had to hope and pray you didn't miss your channel:

    13. I mean, this was a time when you had to carry around a big giant list of directions JUST to get hopelessly lost on a road trip:

    14. And you wanted to see a movie? Hope you can find that paper you just threw out:

    15. But seriously — imagine hearing this phrase in 2018:

    16. And imagine taking a picture and not being able to see it IMMEDIATELY:

    17. Not to mention ending every phone call caught in a WEB:

    18. Or in a door:

    19. Or just having to untangle this knot EVERY time:

    20. Let's be honest — 75% of all the oxygen during the '90s was expended trying to get video games to work again:

    This is a true fact.

    21. And there wasn't an app for weather...just a channel, man. JUST A CHANNEL!

    22. I mean, you don't know true fear until you've experienced the fear of someone taping over your precious VHS:

    23. Or...this...THIS:

    24. And cellphones? Well, most of owning a phone was just looking at this screen:

    25. And telling someone to call you back when your minutes were free:

    26. Oh, not to mention sitting on the toilet contemplating your life choices:

    But, let's be honest, that still happens now.

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